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Deng Qiyao

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Description: Present Position Professor of Anthropolgy, Sun Yetsen University Deputy Dean of the School of Communication and Design Address School of Communication and Design 135 Xingongxi Lu, Guangzhou 510275 ...

Present Position


Professor of Anthropolgy, Sun Yetsen University

Deputy Dean of the School of Communication and Design




School of Communication and Design

135 Xingongxi Lu, Guangzhou 510275

Guangdong, China

(86) 20-84112835 Office, 20-39986545 Home, 13556158917 Cell



Place of Birth


Kunming, Yunnan, China (1952)




Chinese Literature, Yunnan University, 1978-1982


Professional Experience


Prior to 1982  Artist

1982-1986      Journal editor and cadre

1986-1995      Researcher, Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences

1995-2000      Director, Minority Institute, Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences

                        Sancha Language and Georgraphy Magazine publisher and editor

2000-present   Professor of Anthropology, Sun Yetsen University

2003-present   Deputy Dean, School of Communication and Design, Sun Yetsen



Professional Membership and Other Noted Experience


Vice president of Chinese Visual Anthropology Association

Vice president of Chinese Ethnic Photography Association

Member, Award Committee for the Fourth International Ethnic Photography

Member, Award Committee or the Eighth Yunnan Art Exhibition

Director, Columbia University and China International Arts Exchange Center

Lecturer, Chinese Culture and Museum Bureau

Director, Yunnan Art Exhibit, Friedrich-Weinbrenner-Gewerbeschule, Germany 1994




Chinese Cultural Anthropology

Theory and Field Research in Cultural Anthropology

Visual Anthropology

Anthropology and Chinese Society

Minorities of Southern China

Minority Costumes and Decorative Art

Ethnic Arts and Crafts

Field Inquiry and Research




“Minority Farming Knowledge and its Impact on Agriculture,” a project collaborated with Beijing Agriculture University, 1990-1992, supported by Germany.


“Minority Cultural Anthropology,” A study collaborated with Yunnan University, 1993.


Yunnan Minority Costumes.” A collaborative study with ten Paris anthropology departments, France, 1995-1998. 


“Traditional Culture of Ailushan Minority and Forest Conservation.” A study collaborated with Changmai University, Thailand (1995).


Yunnan Minority Cultture.” A field study supported by the Columbia University US-China Arts Exchange Center (1995).   


“Preservation of Folk Cultural and Minority Cultural Heritage.” A Collaborative Study with the Columbia University Arts Exchange Center (1996-2001).


“Mapping Cultural Heritage.” A project funded by the Nature Conservancy, 1999 under the auspices of Yunnan Province and the Nature Conservancy Collaborative Project on Rivers and Parks in Northwestern Yunnan.”


Selected Publications


Deng, QY. Religion and Morality in People in the Southwest and Morality, Yunnan Minority Press, 1990.


Deng, QY. Construction of Chinese Myth. Chongqing Social Sciences Foundation Publication, 1993


Deng, QY (co-author). Impact of Folk Culture on Ailushan Land and Forest Management in Yunnan Ailushan Land Preservation and Management, Yunnan Science and Technology Press, 1996.


Deng, QY. Essence of Maozhon Culture in China. China-Taiwan Foundation Hanshan Press, 1998: Shanghai Literary Press 1999.


Deng, QY.  Changing Faces of Mongol Women in High Mountains. Yunnan Education Press (in Chinese and English) 1995.


Deng, QY. “Sounds from the High Mountain: Chamagudu Travel.” Jejiang People’s Press, 1998.


Deng, QY.  Drum Sound. Jiangxi Education Press and Haitian Press 1999.


Deng, QY (ed). Understanding Yunnan Zhuang Culture. Yunnan People’s Press, 2000.


Deng, QY. Burial Ritual, Shanghai Literary Press, 2000.



Popular Readers


Note: Deng Qiyao was a contributor to the following popular readers:


Yunnan. Yunnan People’s Press 1988


Yunnan Minorities. Japanese Fangshong Publishers Association, 1990.


Yunnan Land Resources. Yunnan Science and Technology Press, 1990.


Dictionary of Chinese Fold Myth and Religion. Xueyuen Press, 1990.


Yunnan, China. Yunnan Science and Technology Press, 1994.


Yunnan Encyclopedia.  Chinese Encyclopedia Press, 1999.


Picturesque Yunnan. (Deng, QY, co-ed). Yunnan People’s Press, 1999.



Visual Anthropology


Note: Deng QY is a contributor to the following publications:


Religion and Abstract Art. Yunnan People’s Press, 1991, 19994, 2000.


Folk Costumes and Decorative Art: Chinese Southwest Minority Cultural Symbolism, 1991.


Mystery in Clothing Style. Shanlian Books Publication, 1993; Taiwan Haizhu Press, 1993.


Chinese Cultural Symbolism. Shanghai People’s Press, 2001.


Ritual Secrecy. Shanghai People’s Press, 1991 (in Chinese and English).


Minority Folk Costumes and Decorative Arts of Yunnan, China (Two Volumes). Taiwan Sushiang Publications, 1992 (five reprinting).


Rainbow Colors; Folk Costumes. Yunnan People’s Press. 1992.


Deng QY (ed). Yunnan Folk Arts (Two Volumes). Yunnan People’s Press, 1944.


Deng QY (ed-in-chief). Dali Marble Art. Yunnan Art Publisher, 2006.


Deng QY (co-ed) Complete Work of Yunnan Folk Arts: Carvings from the Dali Kingdom. Yunnan People’s Press and Yunnan Art Press, 1991.


Deng QY (ed-in-chief) Collection of Chinese Folk Costumes, Yunnan People’s Press and Yunnan Minority Press 2001.


Deng QY (ed-in-chief). Complete Work of Yunnan Folk Arts (Vol I): Yunnan Cave Art. Yunnan People’s Press and Yunnan Art Press, 2006.





Note: Deng Qiyao was a contributor to the following films:


Joy of Life: Halazhuyecha People’s Holiday. Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences, 1986 (30 minutes).


Religious Faith of the Lagu. Produced for the East Asia Films, 1992 (60 minutes).


PUJI and His Lovers. Produced for the East Asia Films, 1992-1994, (120 minutes).


Story of Lamugu. Produced for the East Asia Films, 1992-1995 (120 minutes).


Women of the High Mountains. Collaborated with the Yunnan Women’s Federation, Yunnan Minority Office, Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences, and Yuxi TV Station

(1992-1994); broadcasted by the All China Central TV Station in 1995.


Deng QY (producer and ed). Crossing Haba Snow Mountain. China Explorers Association and the Culture, History, and Geographic Association, 1995. Broadcasted by the Yunnan TV Station in 1996.


Deng QY (ed-in-chief). Zhuang Cultrue of Yunnan (seven volumes).  Minority Culture Field Studies and Kunming TV Station, 1996. Broadcasted by Kunming TV Station in 1996, and Central TV Station in 2001.


Returning to the Top of the Mountain.  The Chinese Explorers Association and the Chinese Workers Audio Publisher, 1998 (60 minutes).


Minorities of the High Mountains (twenty-six segments). Shancha Film Production Center and Yunnan Minority Film Production Center, 2001.



Other Noted Achievements


Deng Qiyao advices doctoral and masters students in their research in anthropology, journalism, visual arts, and film. He is a frequent lecturers at universities, conferences, and meetings. Many of his articles and book chapters are reprinted in newspapers and journals, and his books and films have received provincial and national honors and awards. His work on “Greening Yunnan,” a resource development plan prepared for the Yunnan provincial government, received national recognition. Subsequently, the State Council awarded the Greening Yunnan Project of Yunnan Province with commendation and meritorious funding support.



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